Dianet Communications, INC, designs, finances, builds, maintains and manages shared networks for the wireless carriers. The networks use a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) architecture and may be located in tunnels, in buildings or outdoors. The outdoor installations are discreet and unobtrusive and can therefore be used in areas where aesthetics prevent the installation of more traditional wireless structures. Our approach provides the carriers with significant capital and operational cost savings and the ability to improve their coverage and capacity more quickly and effectively. We provide a complete turnkey solution and handle every detail for the carriers, including financing, permitting, construction and maintenance. Dianet's team of experienced professionals have been building and managing telecommunications networks for decades, including DAS, traditional wireless macro and microcell installations, cable, paging and microwave. Dianet is not owned or controlled by any carrier or equipment vendor and can therefore be a completely neutral host of the networks and will give unbiased advice as to which equipment solution is best for each project .
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